This is the home of Cale Bennett on the internet. I am a financial professional working in Brisbane, Australia. With broad interests spanning financial markets, technology, entrepreneurship, Excel, swimming, cycling, running, and pretty much anything in between I hope you find something of interest or use on this site. If you would like to connect with me, please do not hesitate to do so – just let me know that you found me from this website!

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What I do



Eclectic background spanning financial markets, corporate treasury, and technology start-ups. I guess I am a bit of a journeyman, but mostly I just enjoy being challenged. Only recently began thinking about my “career”.



I enjoy challenging myself. Each year I set myself two goals – one intellectual, one physical. I am very goal-oriented. Fortunately I have a family to prevent me from doing anything too crazy.

Start Ups

Start Ups

Start. Build. Raise Capital. Grow. Sell. Been there, done that. Raised money from one of the Sharks on the Channel 10 TV show Shark Tank. Twice. If you want some advice on your pitch, I’d be happy to help out. I can build credible and defensible financial models as good as they come.



Love it or hate it, if you work in finance you can’t escape Microsoft Excel. I enjoy building things, solving problems, and being productive. Being proficient in Excel supports those goals! I am a big fan of Chandoo’s Blog.


Clear Air

It has now been almost two months since leaving Tatts. Plenty has happened since, I walked the Overland Track, went on a cruise, and am now 10 days into our Singapore/Japan trip. One of my goals while on this trip was to spend some time working through IFRS16. Whilst that may seem an odd pursuit […]

Indexing contracts for CPI

In many contracts, amounts paid are indexed by CPI, or some sub-variant of it. I was recently speaking with my colleague, Tim Devine, about a way to make it easier to calculate indexing over time in order to ensure that invoicing amounts are correct. Some companies have people who do this full-time, but all you […]

A Haiku

Here is a little Haiku I wrote. I’m not sure if it quite conforms to the Haiku style guide, but I am claiming it as a Haiku all the same. Interested in thoughts/suggestions/improvements! The Amateur’s Ego Rates sell off, bond launch Tight margin makes client happy Closing dinner, expensive.  

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