Co-Working in Kyoto Review

If you search online for places to co-work out of while travelling, Japan doesn’t rate highly. Actually, when I was researching Japan as a place to spend some time, there wasn’t even a lot of recent, usable information on available co-working spaces. I have been in Kyoto for a couple of weeks and have spent most days at a co-working space called Space Kante Kyoto. I thought I would add a little write-up just in case anyone was searching for somewhere to work out of – and dispel the myth the Japan is a bad place for co-working.

So, the important stats:

Period Visited: May 2018

Days open: Monday to Saturday

Times: 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Cost: JPY1,080 per day (including tax). About A$14 at the time of writing. Not too bad.

What you get: Wifi, desk

Wifi was pretty reasonable. Probably not as fast as your mobile wifi, which you could use if you wanted instead (and didn’t have a wife using it elsewhere during the day!). This is the speed at 11am on a Monday:

Wifi Speed

Wifi Speed

Setup: There are meeting rooms, an open co-working space, some study rooms for quiet work. The open co-working space has some background music playing, mostly just chilled music that is easily drowned out with headphones. There is not a huge amount of chatter on the floor when compared to co-working spaces in Australia. There were plenty of spots every day I was there, although I understand it gets busier in summer. Here are some pictures from inside:



From the corner looking back across the open co-working space

Desk looking onto street

Shared work bench looking out onto street

IMG_2168 (1)

From the corner looking back to the cafe

Other: There is a cafe within the co-working space also, which does pretty good coffee.

What it is good for: Getting work done.

What it is not good for: Getting a sense of the start-up landscape in Kyoto. Admittedly, I didn’t go out of my way looking for this, and language would have been a barrier.

Anyway, if you’re looking for somewhere to get away and get some work done that doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as you think… you should consider Japan, Kyoto, and Space Kante Kyoto!