3 steps to never forgetting anything ever again

Forgetting stuff sucks. As we are all busy, busy, busy, it becomes easier and easier to forget things. No one ever puts their hands up to remind you that you have forgotten to follow them up on something that you asked for. They have probably forgotten about it also. I am probably pretty frustrating to deal with, because I am quite persistent and I never forget to follow up anything. Ever.

Here is my secret to never forgetting anything ever again, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Follow this link Followup.cc ;
  2. Sign up; then
  3. Use it, religiously.

Seriously, it has to be one of the easiest apps to use, and it is one of the few apps I consider useful enough to put my hard earned down on. I use heaps of different apps, and try out many more, but Followup.cc is one of my favourites. Here are a couple of ways I use it:

  • I email you, asking you to provide me something by a Monday at 4pm. In the BCC field, I include mon-4pm@followup.cc. On Monday at 4pm, I get an email reminder. If you haven’t sent through what I requested, guess who gets a follow up at 4:01pm. Yep, you.
  • If I need to do something at a specific time, I just shoot a quick email message off with the subject being what I need to do. I walk home from work, so I am often struck with inspiration or other random thoughts. If I realise I need to do something, for instance, a quick email to tomorrow@followup.cc and tomorrow morning when I arrive at work I have a reminder in my inbox.

One thing to note is that as you are effectively sending an email to a third party app, you should be careful about what you’re sending. I never BCC on sensitive or confidential emails. I just shoot a quick followup.cc email off after the initial email with the person’s name, and a quick note to job my memory. Of course, the reality is that we shouldn’t send anything confidential by email… but let’s be real – the world would grind to a halt!

Anyway, followup.cc. I guess it isn’t my little secret anymore.

Hope it helps!

Cale Bennett.